The Art of Discovering Talent

Searching Might be an Art

Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art specializes in recruiting middle and senior management for well-known names in the banking and financial sector. A recognized leader in the recruitment of banking personnel, SMArt has been helping companies in the financial sector since 2007 to build strong teams of professionals dedicated to achieving success and reaching new peaks in business.

We believe that searching for personnel is an art and should be an art.

Our mission — understanding both the business and the needs of our clients rather than simply selecting personnel through conventional methods. The S.M.Art team has more than 10 years experience of successfully closing projects for banks and investment houses utilizing a detailed knowledge of the industry. We apply an individual approach to each client, with a professional, high-quality work ethic and a deep knowledge of banking recruitment.



  • The combined printed volume of résumés processed per year would have been as thick as three complete printed editions of Tolstoy’s novel «War and Peace»! But we are eco-friendly and we keep them electronic!
  • At the beginning of 2014 S.M.Art received 52,354 resumes
  • 8,205 hours had been accumulated by S.M.Art consultants in personal interviews
  • Seven major international customers have signed exclusive long-term contracts with S.M.Art
  • More than 95% of our candidates chose a long-term career with the employer
  • S.M.Art has placed 552 mid- and senior level candidates in the leading international banks and investment companies
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To achieve optimal efficiency, we believe in the importance of strictly adhering to the following principles


To achieve optimal efficiency, we believe in the importance of strictly adhering to the following principles:

​To develop partnerships

To develop partnerships

We strive to contribute to the success of our clients, knowing that their success is our success.

We focus on building long-term partnerships with our clients based on trust, cooperation and mutual respect.

We believe that the knowledge and experience of employees is the most valuable asset of any company, and their dedication and diligence is what helps achieve objectives and bring success.

In our mission to find candidates for our partners we look not just at the specific requirements for each position, but also at how to collectively organise a team of professionals focused on mutual success.



We strictly comply with the laws, ethics and rules of fair business, fulfilling all of our obligations – as we value our reputation.



We take responsibility for how the results of our work affect the business of our partners.

​To be customer-oriented, applying an individual approach to each client

To be customer-oriented, applying an individual approach to each client

We take pride in our clients and appreciate their belief in us! We are continuously developing and expanding our expertise to stay abreast of the needs and expectations of our clients. Regular training seminars hosted by banking professionals with experience of foreign corporate cultures, allows our team to continuously expand its expertise of the banking industry.

Our top priority is to provide a quality service that gives a full commitment to each project, rather than on the quantity of contracts. Each client and partner receives individual attention.

​To provide high quality service

To provide high quality service

We strive for the highest standards of customer service, which is supported by the professionalism of our team. A deep knowledge of the banking industry along with our individual approach to each client enables us at SMArt to accurately assess the business specifics of every client and to provide the highest quality of service required to ensure the optimal result.

To be a leader

To be a leader

Leadership – this forms the basis of our philosophy and our corporate culture. We take pride in successfully completing projects assigned to us through a detailed analysis into the demands of our clients' businesses. As a result, clients return to us time and again with new requests confident in the knowledge they will receive the highest quality of service in a timely manner from the team at SMArt.

  • We deeply understand our clients business — 100% of our team have banking and financial background with major banks plus over 10 years banking recruitment experience.
  • We provide a customer-oriented individual approach to each client with a professional high quality work ethic.
  • We are constantly improving our repertoire of knowledge through regular specific banking training seminars tailored specifically for SMArt’s team by leading banking experts from well-known financial houses.
  • We work with leading international banking houses — and we are proud of this cooperation!
When business does not go to plan, it means the leadership is paying too little attention to its employees.
— Akio Morita, chairman of Sony

S.M.Art history

    • Opening our new office in London.
    • Brought on board new Managing Directors.
    • Successfully rebranded SMArt.
    • Significant increase in activity in the banking sector of recruitment.
    • S.M.Art team strengthening by new consultants with essential experience in banking practice and carrying out systems of internal trainings.
    • S.M.Art stable position in the competitive banking market.
    • Active work of team on retail, corporate and investment vacancies.
    • Achievement of pre-crisis indicators level on rates of work and number of successfully closed projects following the results of a year.
    • Creation of top level teams for the «start-ups» in investment banking.
    • Activity growth in bank recruitment.
    • Expansion of S.M.Art specialization with non-banking sectors.
    • First success in new areas of business.
    • Stability of S.M.Art in crisis year, full team preservation.
    • Office moving from «Golden Mile» to Frunzenskaya Embankment area.
    • The help in formation of «start-up» teams for foreign banks.
    • Victory in several tenders for exclusive recruitment projects for the western banks in Russia.
    • Establishment of Recruitment boutique S.M.Art.
    • The first success of S.M.Art with well-known international banks.


We started 2014 with the development of our new style. The new logo with a firm handshake reflects our most important value — building reliable, successful and productive partnerships with our clients for more than 7 years. We have established ourselves as the leader in the banking recruitment market and we are rightfully proud of it.

Our new website design is based on the «golden proportion» rule and is decorated with Penrose tiling, which reflects the principles of symmetry and beauty as described by the Fibonacci sequence. All these elements stand for the precise, calculated, harmonious, dedicated and ethical approach SMART demonstrates in its work.

The highlight of 2014 was opening of independent office of Recruitment boutique SMART Ltd on Baker Street in the financial capital of the world. Now both geographical and professional horizons of our company have broadened — we started working with banking groups in London!

With new Managing Directors of our Moscow and London offices coming on board, Recruitment boutique SMART became even more successful, further reinforced its focus on the quality of work and individual approach to each customer — all this is leading our team to new exciting achievements!


Since the beginning of 2013 a new trend has emerged among leading banks and investment companies in their quest to remain competitive. Although banks may not be in a position to expand their operations and teams, S.M.Art has received many attractive and often exclusive assignments to search for experienced professionals who are hired to strengthen and reinforce existing teams and add a competitive edge over rivals. Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art also enhanced its own friendly team through training seminars hosted by banking industry experts with experience of foreign corporate cultures and deep knowledge of specialized niches within the banking industry such as derivatives, bond trading on the Russian fixed income market, etc.


2012 witnessed the withdrawal of several major foreign banks from Russia’s financial market, as well as several mergers and acquisitions, which clearly defined the leading banks and financial companies in the investment, retail and corporate sectors. Even Private Banking, a sphere which had proved successful for S.M.Art during previous years and an area where the boutique had excelled in the selection and placement of both individuals and entire teams, also become considerably less competitive and narrower due to the departure of a number of strong players from the Russian market.

Nevertheless, S.M.Art remained true to its philosophy and principle of quality work with an individual approach to each client, and continued to remain a reliable and often exclusive partner for well-known banking brands.


2011 saw the establishment of some promising and very successful new investment «start-ups», and Recruitment boutique S.M.Art was on hand to assemble solid investment teams with experienced individuals who were yearning for the dynamic, high-tempo environment of investment banking. The year proved very dynamic, productive and successful for both the development of S.M.Art and for the majority of banks and companies. The business tempo and the number of vacancies at clients of S.M.Art had again happily returned to the pre-crisis levels of 2008.


In 2010 S.M.Art Recruitment Boutique augmented its specialization in banking by successfully forging working relations with major foreign companies in others sectors, including FMCG, electronics manufacturing and agribusiness, as well as well-known names in the luxury segment. This allowed the recruitment boutique to maintain stability, while broadening its horizons during the tumultuous crisis years. Moreover, the team’s in-depth knowledge of finance and banking proved very effective for non-banking sector companies, particularly in closing projects in these companies’ treasuries and their financial departments.

The change in both the tempo and nature of the recruitment business as a result of the economic crisis led to some very pleasant and welcome changes in team morale at S.M.Art, as the special team events organised by the boutique took on a more personal and family-orientated ambience through the participation of employees’ children.


2009 would prove to be very challenging and a watershed year for the global economy, banking recruitment in particular. Large staff cuts by all banks, including the complete withdrawal of some Western names from the Russian market, along with the bankruptcy of others, created a serious lesson in the art of survival for most companies, regardless of their scale of business.

Adapting to the new environment S.M.Art Recruitment Boutique took a decision to change offices, moving from one of the more prestigious areas of Moscow — The Golden Mile — to a more affordable, but no less charming and greener location at Frunzenskaya Embankment. Through all of this upheaval the Recruitment Boutique team remained intact, and as strong as ever, in a cohesive, family atmosphere. A team trip to the majestic city of Vienna for a few glorious days lifted the spirits of the S.M.Art team in the unique ambiance of the «city of frozen music», nurturing the optimism of the team for the times ahead.


In 2008 when the performance of the Russian stock market was reaching its peak driven by record high oil prices, Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art was on hand to assist several foreign banking brands entering the market for the first time, by helping them form proficient «start-up» teams of experienced professionals. S.M.Art gained valuable experience recruiting for many retail, corporate and investment banks from the West. We specialized mainly in the recruitment of personnel for international banks and investment firms.

A trip to the Eternal City of Rome in majestic Italy was a memorable and well-deserved break for the great efforts of the entire team that year.


Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art was founded in 2007 during a period of rapid socio-economic development in the Russian economy which led to the ascendance of the investment banking market. The recurring theme of 2007 was a lack of suitably-qualified candidates on the market and Russian and international investment houses competing to quickly assemble teams of experienced investment bankers. Increasingly, banks started the appreciate the complexity of finding a recruitment agency they could count on to become a reliable partner; one which was in tune with the dynamics of their business; one which analyzed and evaluated their particular development path and goals; a recruitment agency devoted not just to the recruitment professionals, but one focussed on building cohesive team focussed on common success.

The concept and philosophy followed by S.M.Art recruitment boutique, applying a customized approach to each client in unison with a deep understanding of the banking sector, became indispensable for many foreign banks which recognized the value of having S.M.Art as a reliable partner on the local market.

From the outset, the course taken by S.M.Art recruitment boutique channelled great emphasis on team cohesion, creating a friendly and positive working environment. This was achieved through interesting trips to Europe and team-building events in Moscow and St. Petersburg.



  • Anastasia

    Founder & CEO
  • Maria

    Managing Director, UK
  • Irina

    Recruitment Consultant
  • Ani

    Junior Recruitment Consultant

Anastasia Glebova

Founder & CEO

Anastasia is energetic, optimistic, focused, and driven towards success. It is in her nature to share these qualities with everyone in her life!

Anastasia graduated from the State Academy of Management with Honors specializing in Human Resources. From the second year of her education she began her banking career in the Treasury Department as a Trader. This 4-year banking experience gave Anastasia a complete understanding and clear view of the structure of banking from the inside. Her excellent HR education led Anastasia into the recruitment business for banks and financial companies. Anastasia was rapidly promoted from recruiter to Head of foreign banking recruitment.

This recruitment experience combined with a detailed knowledge of banking provided Anastasia with the skills to organize her own client-oriented recruitment boutique. She specializes in an individualistic approach to servicing commercial banks, investment companies, and international financial houses.

«It was very important for me not to establish just another standard recruitment company, but to provide a special boutique with confidential partnership relations and unique services for our Clients!»

Maria Zelenskaya

Managing Director, UK

Maria is a focused and active person, who is also rational and always thinks a few steps ahead.

Maria graduated from the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, where she received a MSc in applied economics with a concentration in capital markets. She started her career in a global company, which specialises in services to financial sector. She quickly made her way from a consultant to a supervisor of customer support department. Afterwards, for a few years she looked after relationships with key accounts — major Russian banks and corporations. Later Maria joined the leading investment bank in the country, where she worked in Private Banking.

Excellent understanding of global market products, experience in negotiating with key clients, and solid banking experience helped Maria reach great achievements in banking recruitment and become one of the key team members at Recruitment boutique SMART.

Maria enjoys travelling and loves spending time with her family.

Irina Kasimovskaya

Recruitment Consultant

Irina is a cheerful, responsive, easy going and open-minded person.

Irina graduated from the State Academy of Management with a degree in Human Resources. She has worked in internal HR in Western banks and companies for more than 10 years, and this experience lets Irina understand the needs of our clients and to be successful in business.

Irina’s professional experience and creative thinking helps her to find the best direction of development for each candidate and to help our clients in setting up a strong team of professionals.

«To find a solution in any difficult situation» — that is the motto which Irina follows in her life and career.

Ani Paravyan

Junior Recruitment Consultant

Ani — a helpful, friendly, responsible and purposeful person.
Ani graduated from Moscow State University in the field of organizational management and holds a Master’s Degree in human resource management. She has also passed courses at UNESCO and participated in international competitions dedicated to HR. Ani has published a number of scientific publications in the study of employee motivation, corporate culture and the psychological characteristics of personnel and organizations.
During her student years, Ani wrote articles covering various topics for online publications and realised that she wanted to develop her career in the field of personnel management.
She then continued her professional development in domestic recruitment with one of the largest banks in Russia. Combining these two experiences, Ani joined Recruitment Boutique S.M.Art and has been recruiting staff for the banking sector, successfully filling positions for leading Russian and Western financial companies.
Anya has a wide range of interests: she likes to paint, write poetry, play various musical instruments and to spend time with her friends and family.

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